In The Volunteer Project, we will introduce you to 4 Strategies that, when applied, will launch your church or nonprofit ministry into what we call a zero recruitment model of volunteerism. Formulated from the authors’ research, combined 50+ years of experience in leading volunteer teams, and the feedback of hundreds of volunteers, these 4 Strategies are designed to provide individuals with such satisfying volunteer experiences that they are motivated to continue volunteering, and even invite their friends to join them.



It's so hard to summarize your life and mission in a few sentences but I'll give it a try. I grew up in less than ideal circumstances. My childhood was full of flavor...drug smuggling, alcoholism, violence, divorce, and emotional abuse.

These experiences shaped my life and created a passion within me to write and tell a better story...a story of God's grace and redemption and the grit that can only be earned through experience... 

"GRIT is earned but GRACE is free." Christine Kreisher

“Christine is an inspiring truth teller who offers scriptural truth with passion and power.”

- Danielle Strickland

Author, Speaker, and co-founder of Brave Global, Amplify Peace, and Women Speakers Collective

We’re thankful for the wisdom and expertise that Christine has shared with so many leaders in our Orange Learning Cohort. Practical and engaging, Christine’s knowledge and best practices have inspired us all!

- Geoff Surratt, Teaching Pastor and Church Consultant
- Sherry Surratt, Director of Leadership Strategy, The reThink Group

“Christine delivers truth in an authentic and personal way that invites everyone to something new.”

- Kristen Ivy

Executive Director of Messaging

Orange (The reThink Group, Inc.)

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