It's so hard to summarize your life and mission in a few sentences but I'll give it a try. I grew up in less than ideal circumstances. My childhood was full of flavor...drug smuggling, alcoholism, violence, divorce, and emotional abuse.  Everyday, my stepfather told me that I was a "stupid, ugly, red head that could never do anything right" and that lie took root in my soul. Convinced that my life was hopeless and I would never amount to anything led me to self medicate and then attempt suicide at the age of 15,  My story could have ended there...BUT GOD!

In fact, that's right where my life began! It's also where my passion for helping people find and live out their God-given purpose was birthed. God radically transformed my life and turned my mess into a message of hope. Instead of becoming another statistic, I live to be an example of what God can do with a fully surrendered heart. 

I've had the honor of leading and pastoring in the local church for over 20 years and its been quite a journey. I've learned that leadership takes an equal amount of grit and grace. I've also learned a lot about people, culture, organizational structure, managing in crisis, soul care and how to thrive through it all and I'm passionate about pouring into other leaders because so many have selflessly invested in me!  


My Coffee...

At the moment..."The Chrissy" - a combo of The Bagel Bar Cafe's draft nitro cold brew coffee with caramel sauce and almond'll change your life!


In my handbag...

Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Fig, the keychain I bought for my dad that reads "I'll always be your little girl, you'll always be my hero" and Bagel Bar Cafe gift cards that I just give to random strangers. 

Image by Hubble


Okay, so I'm a food and coffee snob!  But it's not my fault.  My dad made me this way.  He was a chef who was passionate about gathering his friends and family around a table full of amazing food, laughter and great conversation!

Image by Melissa Walker Horn

This happened...

This is what happens when you send me to Dubai to do leadership coaching... 


Enneagram Type...

Type 7 with 8 Wing (7w8) "The Enthusiast" They are free, passionate, adventurous, strong, seek intensity, are leaders, quick-minded and creative.