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Christine is the founder and CEO of Irresistible Teams where she serves alongside leaders from around the world to develop thriving staff and volunteer cultures through coaching, speaking and podcasting.

She is the former Executive Director of Ministries at a large multi-site church in Reading, Pennsylvania where she provided strategic direction and visionary leadership for family ministry and adult discipleship. For over 20 years, her entrepreneurial spirit and initiative enabled her to launch out-of-the-box, innovative approaches to ministry that led to growth and sustainable change.

Christine’s passion for developing and empowering leaders to impact the next generation is what propelled her to write her book, “The Volunteer Project: Stop Recruiting. Start Retaining,” a practical guide to creating an irresistible volunteer culture.  She has become known as an expert in the area of volunteer engagement and leadership development, making her a sought-after consultant and leadership coach.

Christine is a dynamic, authentic communicator who has been the featured speaker for numerous local, regional, and national conferences including The Orange Conference  and SALT Nashville. Her diverse life and business experiences have allowed her to connect with audiences around the world, ranging from ministry leaders and volunteer teams to business owners and corporate executives. Christine also shares her vast expertise with Slingshot Group where she provides search and coaching services in the NextGen, Non-Profit and Senior Leadership space.

A self-proclaimed coffee snob and foodie, Christine enjoys traveling with her husband and business partner, Jim, to find the best local restaurants and coffee shops. Entrepreneurs at heart, they were flippin’ houses before it was cool and have owned a cafe for the past 28 years, all while raising three pretty awesome guys!


My Coffee...

At the moment..."The Chrissy" - a combo of The Bagel Bar Cafe's Cold Brew Coffee, caramel sauce and oat milk, shaken & over'll change your life!


In my handbag...

Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Fig, the keychain I bought for my dad that reads "I'll always be your little girl, you'll always be my hero" and Bagel Bar Cafe gift cards that I just give to random strangers. 

Image by Hubble


Okay, so I'm a food and coffee snob!  But it's not my fault.  My dad made me this way.  He was a chef who was passionate about gathering his friends and family around a table to SAVOR amazing food, laughter and great conversation!

Image by Melissa Walker Horn

This happened...

This is what happens when you send me to Dubai to do leadership coaching... 


Enneagram Type...

Type 7 with 8 Wing (7w8) "The Enthusiast" They are free, passionate, adventurous, strong, seek intensity, are leaders, quick-minded and creative.

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